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July 6, 2016







How do you prepare for a big day? A big presentation? A big deadline? A stressful meeting? We all have different ways – different methods for making sure we are putting our best self forward. And I’m talking about AFTER all the research is done, all the logistics handled, all materials are ready for distribution.

Do you have a “power suit”? An outfit that increases your confidence and assertiveness because you know you look good? What about an accessory? Whether it’s a watch or a special laptop bag or a particular pair of sunglasses, just seeing this item brings you a sense of calm and capability above and beyond what you may feel on a normal day.

A talisman.

Merriam-Webster defines a talisman as an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune; something producing magical or miraculous effects. Although I don’t buy in to the idea of magical properties, I do believe in miracles!

Don’t laugh – my talisman is a playlist. It’s a short list of songs but each song provokes memories of past successes and promotes readiness ready to tackle whatever challenge lays ahead of me – because I’VE GOT THIS!

Your Virtual Sidekick can be your talisman. Let us be there with you to tackle your challenges. Your success is our priority!

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