Never Enough Time

posted by wendi
September 25, 2015

UM62EOZSRCA few years ago I worked for a hospital system doing special events and fundraising. My original job title was Development Coordinator but my passion was the volunteers. We had a corps of over a hundred volunteers and they became my family. I loved communicating with them, creating their quarterly newsletter, and  coordinating their events. I made some friends for life during this time – and I loved it.

But there came a time when I had to let this go. Although this was my favorite job duty, there was also fundraising (ahem, hence the “development” part of my job title) as well as working with the different hospital boards and negotiating hospital politics and brainstorming new events for fundraising.

My job scope was HUGE.

Luckily I had some wonderful assistance – in the form of an assistant! I had an incredibly hard time letting this particular job duty go but she was talented, skilled and more than qualified to handle this transition.

And guess what? While taking great comfort in knowing that this very special group of people was taken care of, I was able to bring even more companies and individuals into the fold as donors, community advocates, board members, and YES, volunteers!

The moral of the story, you ask? Why, sometimes the hardest thing to do (in this case, letting go) is the best thing to do. To broaden your horizons. To open yourself up new opportunities. To grow your company and your brand and your fiscal fitness.

You need your Virtual Sidekick.

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