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Delegation is Key

posted by wendi
June 6, 2017

My father recently had back surgery. It had been a long time coming but when he finally bit the bullet and visited the neurologist, surgery was recommended immediately.


Fast forward 2 months and Dad has been through inpatient and outpatient rehab and has been released by his surgeon – he’s doing great!




riding or pushing a lawnmower to cut his grass was strongly advised against. Now I would have been high fiving and doing cartwheels but Dad was disappointed. Lawn care is one of his favorite pastimes. So Dad made the difficult decision of hiring someone to take care of this for him.


And guess what? He still gets immense satisfaction from his yard looking good and those tasks being checked off his list.


This scenario is also true for entrepreneurs/small businesses. Health issues aside, if there are tasks on your list that you don’t like to do or that you aren’t good at, DELEGATE! Just like Dad, you’ll be glad you did.